Day 1,186 – Thankful for Concerts and a Drive that Never Gets Old

On my way to work this morning I fired up some music. There were a couple of songs stuck in my head and after I played them the next suggestion was rather intriguing. Without a second thought I was listening to a Third Eye Blind Concert From 2017.

As I listened to the band play and the crowd sing I smiled from ear to ear. It reminded me so much of the Strumbellas concert we went to earlier in the year. There’s an awesome energy when you get hundreds (or thousands) of people together for a concert. So many individuals coming together to enjoy something they love. All synched up with each other and in a great mood. Between the talk of concerts this past weekend and listening to the album today I’m pretty sure there may be a few on the calendar later in the year.

I’m typing this as we head up to my mom’s to celebrate Christmas. Becky volunteered to drive so I’ve had it fairly easy. There’s a stretch of this drive that will never get old to me. From north of Pepin until a few miles north of Maiden Rock is one of the most beautiful and scenic drives in all of Wisconsin.

There are epic views of the Mississippi River and the surrounding bluffs. The view is always a little different. Today it was a beautiful pastel color on the ice. Many bald eagles soared over the ice as well. I’m so thankful for a drive that always takes my breath away.


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