Day 1,187 – Thankful for Feasting, Exercising, and Holiday Eating Only Happening a Few Times Each Year

What foods do you enjoy only during the holiday season? Which ones cause you to over indulge?

Oh yeah – bring on the food! Christmas dinner at Mom’s is one of my annual favs. Each year we have a delicious meal that leaves us all feeling incredibly full. As if that weren’t enough we spend significant portions of the day snacking on assorted cookies, snacks, & goodies while we talk and play games. The entire weekend is focused on spending time together as a family and there are some significant feasting themes as well.

To help balance out the eating we’ve also focused on finding ways to exercise to burn off some of those excess calories. This morning that took the form of a run (on the ice which was fun in of itself and an experience I’m also very thankful for). This afternoon included a nice walk. Having at least some balance of output to the input has felt great. To truly balance the two I probably need to knock out a marathon before bed 😉.

Days like today remind me how thankful I am to have these awesome holidays meals for not a handful of times throughout the year. The small number helps to keep my weight down and my appreciation of these times together high.


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