Day 1,076 – Thankful for Horrible Boating Weather

Yes, you read that correctly.  Of course it would’ve been great to get out on the water today.  As luck would have it our plans of going out on the boat were pretty much crushed by the horrible boating weather.  Heading out on the water for some fun in the sun doesn’t sound quite as appealing when it’s just over 60 degrees and sprinkling.  Seeing as there is nothing we can do to change the weather we opted to do the next best thing, find something positive to do in it.

We quickly changed up plans and knocked out some errands like getting groceries.  After a couple of texts we switched up plans and met up with Steve & Kathy at Hixon for some hiking.  Instead of chilling on the boat we got some nice physical activity in.  We spent a good chunk of time hiking through forest and shooting the bull.

While we walked we got some wilderness survival skills training from Steve.  Gavin was especially pumped to learn about the types of edible plants and mushrooms.  Before the hike was over he’d collected a huge pocket full of “salad” that he ate with dinner.  We also talked about the show Gavin and I used to enjoy watching together, Alone, and Steve let us know that it is on Hulu right now (and it’s what we’re watching as I type this).  When all was said and done we had a great hike, put in some miles, worked out the dogs, and had fun hanging out with friends.


Sure, it would’ve been nice to get on the boat today and get some extra sun time in.  With that said, today turned out even better than I’d expected when we planned it to be on the water.  There were tremendous amounts of additional family time, extra memories made, and we all got significantly more done.  Whoever would’ve thought horrible boating weather would lead to such an awesome day?  I’m so thankful for the changed plans, it led to an excellent Sunday!


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