Day 1,077 – Thankful for Becky’s Awesome Planning Skills

Tonight started the craziness of a week filled with soccer, soccer, and more soccer.  In spite of the seemingly nonstop soccer was a delicious and healthy hot homemade meal.  As I savored the flavor of the chili I realized how thankful I am for Becky’s planning skills.

While we were grocery shopping I was so proud of myself for having the idea to pick up something for the dinner with the boys when Becky is out of town this Saturday night.  I was smiling and happy thinking about how on the ball I was; so happy that I totally forgot about what to grab for dinner on Friday night with the boys when Becky is out of town.  D’oh!

Becky was doing something entirely different when I was walking with my chin held high in foolish pride.  She researched our calendar for the week and came up with a game plan of meals for the entire week.  Not only that, but she made a few of the meals on Sunday during the day so we’d only have to make one meal in the middle of the week, the one night we don’t have quite as much going on.  How incredible is that?

Left to my own devices the boys would’ve had fast food with a smattering of Kwik Trip!  With Becky’s planning skills we ended up eating delicious home cooked meals that are way more healthy.

One more reason to be thankful for Becky!


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