Day 1,078 – Thankful for Vacation-Like Moments of Stillness In My Car In the Parking Lot

It has been a very full day. From the time my alarm went off before 5am through this moment there’ve only been a few fleeting minutes of chill time. The majority of them have been enjoyed while sitting in the high school parking lot of all places. Dominic’s bus from his soccer game should be here soon and I’m on Uber duty.

Instead of sitting here longing for my bed I’ve rather enjoyed the time relaxing. I’ve got Max Richter’s Sleep album on. The seat is reclined way back. I had time to close my eyes and mentally transport myself back to a wonderful moment of vacation-like stillness.

While traveling I often tie a song or two into the moment to help me rekindle it in moments like this. Tonight with my eyes closed the warm air transported me back to Florida. Just as I did watching the sunset I listened to the song Dream 1. It was a peaceful moment of tranquility… one I needed more than I’d thought. Ahh…


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