Day 1,079 – Thankful for a Full and Fulfilling Day

The alarm went off and next thing I knew I was laying back in bed typing this blog this evening. No, I didn’t black out or hit my head. It’s been one of the most completely full days I’ve had in a while.

The sprint started with our morning walk/run. There was lightning way out in the distance. The fresh air was amazing, the time with Becky refreshing. Bursts of conversation with the boys as we all got ready for the day. The drive to EC included thought provoking conversation and deep thinking about new concepts in a new book.

Once I walked into the office the fun started and never stopped. Conversations to increase wages for our associates. Problem solving many different situations. A little coaching here and there. Exciting news from past teammates. Frustrating issues that still had a wonderful bright side when I forced myself to look for it.

Running home to a home cooked meal… mmm… meatloaf! Some fleeting moments of conversation with family before Becky ran out on Uber duty for the boys. Firing up my laptop and busting through a long list of to do’s.

Throughout the day conversations with family. Thoughts about vacations and travel. So many laughs and smiles with teammates.

And now it’s bedtime. I’ll most likely be asleep within minutes after wrapping this up.

What an amazingly awesome day! It hasn’t been perfect, but I’ve been alive to celebrate it, I’ve friends and family to share in it, and it’s led to so much growth. What a full and fulfilling day!


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