Day 1,075 – Thankful for My Awesomely and Actively Involved Parents

Over the past week or so I’ve had several reminders of how hectic live can be when we take an active role in the life of our kids. There’s an extra level of chaos, running and planning needed to get them to and from everything while also enjoying their activities with them. Case in point, today we drove over two and a half hours one way to Dominic’s soccer game.


That said, I can’t imagine not going to their games, not spending time with them and their friends, and not helping them participate in almost everything they’d like.  To be able to spend quality time with them and supporting them is amongst the greatest joys in the world.

As I was driving us back today I kept thinking about why being actively involved in the lives of our boys is so important to me.  My parents were incredibly involved in my life and I am so thankful for all of the support they’ve given me.  It seems like they were at every single game and event I ever had.  They were always finding a way to get me home from practice and off to games and events.  When Nick and I had things at the same time there was always one of them there cheering me on while the other was at Nick’s.

While I probably didn’t appreciate it in the moment nearly as much as I should have my gratitude for what they did has increased each and every day of my life.  I still remember a conversation I had in college with friends about parents and their support and I thought I was an alien at one point.  There didn’t seem to be anyone else who’d had the same level of involvement.  Even as I talk with people now I see just how blessed I am to have such supportive and involved parents.

When thinking of the boys I can’t even imagine not being actively involved in their lives. The concept of not being there for them doesn’t make any sense and leaves me at a loss, kind of like when I’m trying to grasp the concept of infinity.  The reason this is so foreign to me is because of how awesomely and actively involved my parents have bene in my life.

While I’ll never be able to perfectly re-pay them for what they’ve done – unless my mom joins an adult soccer league or something 😉 – I would imagine they’re pretty happy with how the way they raised Nick and I has continued on to their grandkids.  According to Gavin, he’ll be doing the same when he has his two boys (the youngest will have the middle name Mike because the youngest brothers are always cooler according to him) he’ll be doing the same.

Mom and Dad – thank you for all the sacrifices you made, the tough decisions you made, all the support you gave, and the awesomely active involvement you’ve had in my life.  I’m doing my best to pass your legacy along through the boys.  Love you!



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