Day 1,074 – Thankful for Finding Ways to Sneak In Some Date Time In a Crazy Schedule

Holy cow it’s been a crazy week – and it’s not even over yet! On our drive to Fort Atkinson for soccer tomorrow we’ve already divided up the driving duties so we can both spend time wrapping up our work weeks. The week has been filled with starting school, catching up at work after being on vacation, Über-ing kids to and from soccer practices, watching soccer games, and so on. Tonight even included catching the marching band before the HS football game, walking a mile to Menards to pick up some stuff, walking back, and then catching the halftime show before heading home. Tomorrow morning includes an early wake up, and early drop off, a walk, and then driving to another soccer game. Whew!

You know what? I’m thankful for every busy moment of it! It’s been a blast! When my head hits the pillow tonight I’ll be out cold due to all the fun and excitement throughout the week.

What’s been even more enriching in this craziness has been the way Becky and I have been able to sneak some date time in even with the chaos. This morning we got an awesome walk / run in to start the day. This evening’s walk to Menards was an opportunity for us to spend time alone with each other. A large part of the reason I can keep this pace is because of this time with Becky. As we talk it reminds me of our common goals and values. She inspires me with her work ethic and focus. I’m able to see my world differently as she shares what she has going on at work. Most importantly – we have fun and joke around together. This added play keeps me smiling and full of joy.

Tonight was a wonderful reminder of just how much I appreciate those awesome little moments of us being us in amongst all the other awesomeness in our lives.


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