Day 1,073 – Thankful for High School Rivalries Not Getting In the Way of Friends

Way back in the day Park Falls used to the be the enemy at pretty much any possible sport. They were our arch-nemesis when I was in middle and high school. The funny thing was that I didn’t know anyone from Park Falls (that I remember offhand). When we had school and sports events we were always separate and weren’t ever teamed up together.

Raising boys in La Crosse has been a huge eye opener for me. Between the YMCA programs, RUSH soccer, Scouts, church, and several other activities the boys have had the opportunity to build friendships with many kids in the area who go to a wide mix of the various middle and high schools in the La Crosse area. Tonight was one of the first times Dominic played against a couple of his former RUSH teammates. It was cool to see them on the same field again even though they were wearing opposing colors. One of the highlights was at the end of the game when they went out of their way to give each other a high five. Heck, they were both even open to having a picture taken of them together – both even smiling without being provoked.

I’m so thankful for the opportunities the boys have had to get to know and build relationships with so many other kids in the area. It is so awesome seeing how all of the friendships they built continue to grow even though they may be on opposing teams.


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