Day 1,054 – Thankful for Vibrant Memories and the Peaks and Valleys of Life

After yoga Becky fired up some Strumbellas while we drove home.  My mind is still blown by how crystal clear my memories of that concert are.  As we listened to the song I could see, hear, and feel the memory of it being played as if it were happening again.  Isn’t it amazing to have memories that are so incredibly vibrant?

What memories are that vibrant for you?  What caused those memories to be carved so deeply into your brain?

Near as I can figure it seems as if those memories are created in those moments in life in which I’ve been completely present in the moment.  In the example of the Strumbellas concert I was focused solely in that concert, nothing else in life entered my brain.  Hard to explain, but I was in a wonderful state of flow throughout the show.  It was amazing!  When I think of other memories that have remained that crystal clear that seems to be the one common feature – I was only focused on the present in that moment.


The second thing I’m grateful for today is the peaks and valleys of life.  Long story short, today has been very much a high.  It’s been a wonderful day with family, one that will stick for quite some time.  Considering everything that’s been going on over the past few months it’s been very much a peak.  Throughout the past months there have also been valleys.  Of course I’d rather not have life include valleys but it is interesting how they appreciate the peaks all the more.  If the valleys are going to happen we might as well use them as reminders of how much we should appreciate the peaks.

Very deep topic that deserves a more detailed explanation.  Maybe one day I’ll dive into it in greater detail.  For now all that really matters is that I’ve appreciated the peaks greatly today!


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