To kick off the weekend we headed out to our boat.  With as busy as this summer has been we haven’t been out on the water nearly as much as we’d like.  The weather looked perfect and with it being later in the night we knew we’d be safe to bring the girls along.  As soon as we got home from work we made sandwiches, packed them up, and took off for the water.

Spending time chilling outside on the water was about as perfectly peaceful of a start to the weekend as I could hope for.  There was only one other person even remotely nearby; a young fisherman who started up a little conversation and offered to let the boys use his gear.  Becky and I chilled and ate while the girls and our boys splashed, ran, and played.  Heck, I didn’t even drive the boat!  Dominic recently earned his Boaters Safety so he captained almost the entire time.

While exploring the sandbar we happened upon some panfish in the shallows between the main channel and a backwater.  We had fun catching them by hand and then releasing them into the main channel.  Who says fishing is difficult?  We didn’t even need a pole!


After some wonderful chill time we packed up and headed back.  We took our time, enjoyed the beautiful views, and just relaxed.  It felt amazing to take a deep breath like that to start the weekend.


There was also something else super cool about this trip that I was thankful for.  On our boat was an honest to God world famous scientist.  This morning Becky found out that some of her research was cited by an article in Science Magazine!!!  Check out the article here:  How awesome to see how some of her research and hard work is being used in a positive way!  I’m so grateful to be married to someone who’s ridiculously smart… wait, don’t they say opposites attract?  😉

Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 8.20.51 PM
Check out #4 🙂










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