Day 1,052 – Thankful for a List Kind of Day

While I usually focus on one or two main themes there are occasionally days when I really can’t bring myself to focus on only one or two things.  Throughout the day there are too many moments when I catch myself taking a moment to pause and be grateful.  Today was definitely one of those days!

Some of the things that made the list today (totally not all inclusive):

  • Waking up to Becky feeling good enough to get her weightlifting in
  • Getting a run in to start the day
  • A peaceful drive to Menomonie
  • Remembering old lessons and doing right by them
  • Seeing teammates go above and beyond
  • Receiving an awesome and unsolicited text of support
  • Meeting with businesses who are focused on taking excellent care of their people
  • Wrapping up a small project or two
  • Sharing information with others
  • Hearing from old friends I hadn’t spoken with for a while
  • Talking with family on the phone
  • Having supper outside on the deck
  • Talking about work with Dominic
  • Laughing at inside jokes with Becky
  • Getting a hiking guide for Iceland in the mail
  • Ordering a present
  • Running into more old friends while picking Gavin up from soccer

So any wonderful moments that made today a pretty awesome day!



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