Day 1,055 – Thankful for Becky, the Bridge Builder

Whoever would’ve thought that building bridges is something that’s passed on through genetics?  Becky comes from a bridge building family and she definitely has a knack for it.  Even though she hasn’t had any formal training she certainly seems to be an expert at this skill.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Where is Kreiling going with this tonight?”  Hang in there for a moment and you’ll see.


This morning I woke up and started moving around.  Based on a much more physical Saturday than I’m used to it seemed as if every joint was creaking and every muscle was straining.  When Becky asked me if I wanted to go to yoga with her this morning my initial thought was NOPE!  I am pretty sure I grumbled and answer and let her know I’d decide shortly.  Over the next few minutes she gave me space and then talked me into going.  Nothing crazy or pushy, she just kept bringing it up in different ways until I finally relented.  After yoga I felt AMAZING!!!  It was almost as if she knew exactly what I needed more than I did.

While in final rest in yoga there was a thought that kept bouncing through my head.  I am so thankful for having a life partner like Becky.  There are so many times like talking me into yoga this morning when she helps me do the right thing.  Laying there this morning I almost chuckled to myself as I realized she’s helping me build a bridge.  When I think about the gap between who I am and who I should be I see Becky helping me build a bridge to span that gap.

She reminds me to stay positive and upbeat.  She helps me stay focused in the right palaces at the right time.  She reminds me of the dreams I’ve shared with her and helps me live into them.  There are many times when I’d like to shy away from something and she encourages and motivates me to do that thing.  For clarity – she’s not pushy, bossy, nagging, or all that.  Rather, she motivates me through modeling the behavior for me.  Becky totally leads my by example and I’m so thankful for that.  In each of those moments in which she helps encourage me to do the right thing she’s continuing to help me build that bridge to close the gap.

That thought is what I am so grateful for today.  I living life accompanied by someone who helps me to become a better version of me in a very positive way (and hopefully vice versa).  How awesome is that?  Each day she’s helping me to build the bridge across that gap and I’m thankful for her excellent construction skills. Over the past couple of days I’ve seen several examples up close and I appreciate each of them.  One plank at a time she’s helping me improve.  (Quick side note: I’m also thankful that she understands that it’s a pretty big gap that will never be completely finished but she sees it as worthwhile and meaningful work regardless.)


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