Day 1,042 – Thankful for Support from Friends, a Five Minute Nap, and Enjoying the Sounds and Sensations of a Storm Rolling In

I am so thankful for the love and support of friends.  Today I had a couple of reminders of how blessed I am to be surrounded by friends who love and support me.  It was even more awesome by the way that they showed it in their own unique ways which I appreciate greatly.  They reminded me and motivated me to be better at providing that type of support and love for my friends more in the future.

Late in the day I was feeling my batteries pretty much zapped.  I leaned back, read a little of a great book (Designing Your Life) and took a short but perfectly relaxing 5 minute nap.  Taking the time to pause briefly and let myself relax to that level so quickly felt amazing.  Upon waking I felt so much more ready to slay some dragons and take on the rest of the day.


Before and after supper I spent some time outside with the boys as the storm started to roll in.  The clouds were cruising by and darkening in front of our eyes.  The breeze felt amazing in my face.  I could feel the pressure building as the storm gathered up momentum.  The sounds of almost continuous thunder echoed.  It was awesome.  There’s something I’ve always loved about those moments before the storm rolls in.  All of my senses seem to be heightened as Mother Nature prepares an awesome show for us.  To spend part of that time with Becky and the boys made it all the more enjoyable.


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