I’m so thankful for the opportunities to both check something off the To Do list while getting to hang out with friends.  Once every four weeks like clockwork I get to experience one of those very cool “ands.”  This time around was even more excellent than normal.

Every four weeks the boys and I head over to get haircuts from Kathy at her place, Gallery 6 Salon.  Quick plug for her, she always does an awesome job of working with the progressively worse canvas I give her to work with 😉  Kathy takes great care of us, makes sure we get exactly the look we want, and is SUPER flexible which is greatly appreciated! Oh yeah, you also get to have some pretty excellent conversation with her as well.

Tonight it felt more like hanging out than getting a haircut.  Don’t get me wrong, hair was cut, but we had so much fun talking that it felt way more like hanging out than knocking something off the to do list.

Between joking around and giving each other a hard time, catching up on life, and everything else in between we had some pretty deep conversations.  While I disagree on a couple of thoughts she really did help me see some things through a different light.  In some cases it took quite some convincing, but eventually she helped me see where my thoughts were a bit flawed.  I’m so grateful for her willingness to stick to her guns while having a very polite and logical disagreement.  Healthy dialogue, conflict, and back and forth can be so enlightening and be so much fun – I’m thankful for our conversation tonight.



It was also very cool that Dominic was there for much of it.  I’m hoping he took away not only some of the key points from both of us, but more importantly, how a positive conversation with conflict should be held.

Kathy, thank you so much for a great conversation and time hanging out (& an excellent haircut)!


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