Day 1,044 – Thankful for a Jam Packed Day

Quite often I catch myself thinking that it would be great if life just slowed down a little bit.  Maybe it’d be nice to not have stuff going on constantly.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have time to just lay down and do nothing.  Perhaps a day with nothing on the calendar.

Today has been quite the opposite.  I woke early to take the dogs for a walk.  Next I was off to work.  The work day was pretty much non-stop except for the 20 minute break to go for a walk.  At home I changed, started some laundry, put up the border in Gavin’s room, picked up Gavin, ate supper, moved much of his stuff back into his room, and am now blogging.  After this I plan on taking a few minutes to read and then crash for the night before waking up early to do it all again tomorrow.

As I started with, I often take days like this and think about how nice it would be to slow down.  Today I think I finally have my head in the right place and I’m just rolling with it.  Instead of getting frustrated I’m appreciating how wonderful it feels to be productive, how excellent it is to be able to help others, and thankful I am to have the opportunity to do so many things I enjoy doing and am able to do.  Long story short, I’m thankful to be alive today and for each moment and connection I shared with others today.

While moving Gavin’s dresser a song popped into my head and I let it repeat a couple of times…  “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” by Travis Tritt.  It just kind of hit the nail on the head.  Any day is a great day to be alive.  Sure, not everything’s gone the way I would like today, but I definitely had more than my fair share of joy and good fortune.



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