Day 1,041 – Thankful for My Father-In-Law’s Gunsmith Skills

Over the past month or so we’ve been thinking a lot about finding a hunting rifle for Gavin.  He’s right handed but left eye dominant which makes it difficult to find a used rifle.  After Camp Grandpa Gavin has the opportunity to shoot the rifle Dominic’s been using over the past few year.

Dominic has been using my old hunting rifle (a sweet little Ruger Mini Thirty).  My parents bought it for me when I started deer hunting way back in the day.  I still remember going to pick it up with my dad.  That rifle was always fun to shoot, super dependable, and easy to carry through the woods.  I’d say it was accurate, but that was never one of my strengths 😉

When Gavin used Dominic’s rifle (my old one) he had some successful shooting.  The size of the rifle is a little smaller and the kick is a little lighter than most.  After asking my father-in-law (Ken) for some advice he suggested I find another rifle just like that one for Gavin.  When I hopped online I just about fell out of my chair when I saw the price of that model now a days.  I figured I’d do some searching and see what I could find over the next few months until hunting season.

Today Ken and Mary made a day trip down south to spend the day with us.  At one point we were talking about hunting rifles and I mentioned that I had an old family rifle that was jammed.  I figured I would take it in to a gunsmith to have it fixed.  It’s pretty old and hasn’t been shot in a while so I’d put it on the back burner.  After Ken and I talked about it he asked me to bring it out to show him.  At that time I was grilling some ribs for lunch so I handed him the rifle and went out to the grill.

When I came back in he was laughing and told me he’d figured out the problem.  He opened up the action and had me look way deep inside the chamber.  An old expended round was jammed in the chamber.  After only a couple of minutes of work with my Leatherman he had the rifle up and ready again.  I had no idea that my father-in-law had such excellent gunsmith skills!

In addition to his gunsmith skills he’s also got some other skills and moves!  😀

Thanks to the skills and wisdom of Ken we’ve now got the hunting rifle situation all figured out for the boys this year.  Gavin will be using my old Mini Thirty and Dominic will be using the other old rifle.  The other old rifle, the one Ken fixed, has quite the history to it.  It is so fitting that Dominic will be using it this year for a couple of reasons, but I’ll save those for a future blog 😉


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