Day 1,012 – Thankful for Enjoying Some Quiet Time Unwinding After a Busy Day

We’ve had a great day today, loads of fun all around!  With our nephews in town we wanted to make sure they got the full La Crosse experience so we spent time on the river.  The weather cooperated perfectly and we had a hot and sunny summer day on the water.  Lots of jumping in the river, digging, and playing in the sand.  It wrapped up enjoying the fireworks from the bridge over the Mississippi.


Now that everyone else is in bed I’m taking some time to just chill and unwind.  It’s so peaceful to kick back with my feet up, listen to some Strumbellas in the background, and just take time to relax.  No work thoughts, no focus on tomorrow’s task list, no thinking ahead…  just relaxing in the moment and it feels great!


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