Day 1,011 – Thankful for Hearing Five (Of a Possible Seven) Voices In the Car at the Same Time

When I got home from work this evening there was a little more noise in the house than normal. As I walked in my nephew Nash hollered, “Hey Uncle Mike, do you notice anything different in your house???” I chuckled and asked if he meant him and his brothers and his response was more laughing.

There are currently five boys between the ages 8 and 13 in our house and they’re having a blast. While I type this they’re hanging out down in the basement. Earlier we did some mini golf, played with fire (sparklers), and grabbed some ice cream.

It was on the way home from the last that I couldn’t help but grin as I remembered moments from my childhood when we used to sit in the back of my aunt and uncle’s station wagon (who needed car seats?). I can only imagine how loud it was with all of us cousins talking at the same time as we goofed off in the back seat. At one point on our ride back from ice cream tonight there were exactly five of the seven occupants of the car all talking at once. It was hysterical! For a split second it felt like every nerve of my being was about to pop, but that brief impulse moved right into a full in smile and joy. How awesome to hear them all having that much fun talking with (at) each other?

I still look back fondly on all of those memories with my cousins way back in the day. I’m hoping that some day as they’re hauling their nephews around they hear the talking and laughing for what it is… not noise, but the sound of happiness.


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