Day 1,010 – Thankful for Finally Getting a Nice Day On the Water

Ahh… now it finally really feels like summer! Between busy schedules and uncooperative weather this only the second time we’ve made it out on the water, and the first when it was warm enough to jump in.

The water may be up a little and there’s a lot of boat traffic but we still found a nice little oasis to claim for ourselves. The boys have been swimming like fish, digging in the sand, playing catch, doing cannonballs, and beating up on each other. Becky’s been reading book and relaxing. I’ve been kicking back and enjoying the somewhat quiet around us. We already seen a beaver, a fish jumping 2+’ out of the water, and the boys have helped relocate some turtle eggs that were about to wash into the river.

It’s so peaceful s relaxing to be out on the water like this. Our house may only be four miles away, but it feels like we’ve escaped on a mini vacation and left the real world behind. Ahh…


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