Day 1,009 – Thankful for a Yoga Sticker that Hit Home, “Start Here”

At yoga tonight I lined up next to Becky, but as luck would have it our instructor suggested spreading out a little so I slid over a spot.  In the yoga space there are stickers on the ground to help us all line up and stay spaced out.  They all have little sayings that are yoga focused and I’m usually in one of the same three or four spots each time.  It wasn’t until a few minutes into yoga that I noticed what the one in front of my face said…  “Start Here”

Start Here

That sure hit home today for a few different reasons.  As I let the meaning of it sink I almost chuckled out loud as it was pretty much the answer to everything that’s been in my head and stressing me out recently.

First off, it was only two months ago that I ran the half marathon, but I’ve since added about 10 pounds, lost a ton of fitness, and haven’t done a great job taking care of myself physically.  Over the past couple of days I’ve been refocusing and have been pushing myself to just start.  Start by counting my calories again.  Start by going for runs again in the morning.  Start by getting little workouts in when I can.  Start by getting great nights of sleep.  The past couple of days have felt great and I’ve got plans for the next couple as well.  It always feels like starting is the tough part as it requires my commitment to a goal.  “Start Here” was a beautiful reminder from the universe that I’m heading in the right direction.

I’m a terrible fisherman the one or two times a year I go.  Quite often I end up with a tangled mess of line.  If you’ve ever seen a rat’s nest of line it is quite the disaster.  Trying to untangle it appears to be an insanely daunting task.  When facing one I often just stare at it and consider just cutting the line.

I’ve got a situation like that in my life that I’m trying to work out.  If I look at it as a whole I struggle to not get frustrated.  Fixing the situation seems like brutal task to take on.  There are moments in which I’ve even considered how to just cut the line and move on, but I know that is definitely not the right solution.  I sit back and view the mess and just get frustrated.

If I pause and use that one little phrase, “Start Here” I can quiet my mind and go to work untangling.  That’s really the whole secret, isn’t it?  Find a place to start and get moving.  Even if it’s not quite the right place I just need to start.  Take my time, work it through, and start here.

When I saw the sticker today I just smiled and it helped me start to put together my strategy.  I smiled at how I’ve recently been using the same thought process for one portion of life, how simple to shift it to another segment of life as well?  Funny how two little words can help put difficult challenges into focus.


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