Day 1,008 – Thankful for Random Acts of Kindness and Incredible Outdoors Experiences

My Facebook feed today reminded me of an awesome memory from a year ago.  My friend Sammi went out of her way to help me out of a “sour” mood by buying me a box of Lemonheads.  How cool is it that she recognized my attitude and went out of her way to do something to help me out of it?  Here we are a year later and I totally chuckled to myself when that memory popped back into my brain.  In shooting her a quick thank you text this evening she asked what I was frustrated about that day.  For the life of me I can’t remember, but I totally remember how great it felt when she went out of her way to cheer me up.  Thank you Sammi for making me smile and reminding me of how important and impactful random acts of kindness can be.  Thanks dude!!!

Throughout the past couple of days I’ve had several memories of past wildlife experiences that have filled my life with joy.  Last Friday it was the memory of Scout camp.  On our drive to camping with the family we spent time planning a future Scouting trip to Isle Royale and had so many wonderful memories of the hikes playing in my head.  Saturday also included conversations about a nephew’s recent trip to the Boundary Waters that reminded me of my trip when I was a kid.  Also on Saturday I had my time just relaxing in the hammock and thought back to times in Belize with Becky and laying on my back and watching the stars with my mom.  Later that evening I had flashbacks to camping with the boys and my brother last summer as we loaded into our tent for the night.  Sunday and Monday were wonderful reminders of our trip to Olympic and Rainier National Parks as I read my blog posts from a couple of years ago.  One of those days, though I can’t remember which, included much time thinking about the nurse logs that I blogged about and that made me thing of my dad.  Today was a conversation with a teammate that covered The Boundary Waters, Voyageurs, Isle Royale, Glacier, Banff, Yoho, and Alaska.  So many wonderful memories of times escaping into the outdoors to experience nature.

While thinking back to those experiences I am so thankful for them for so many reasons. There’s a sense of being in touch with the universe, a sense perspective, a feeling of complete serenity.  It is in those moments when my heart feels most full and at peace.  What adds to each of those moments is the sharing of them with loved ones and family, especially Becky and the boys.  I’m so thankful for how Becky values and appreciates those outdoors experiences.  Experiences in nature and the outdoors are so much more joyful when they are shared with others.

Ahh…  the outdoors…  Proof there is a God and that The Big Dude Upstairs loves us and wants our hearts to be full of joy.


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