Day 1,005 – Thankful for Chillin’ In a Hammock

With a lot of life going on this week I feel like I’ve been on a hyper speed treadmill. From one thing to the next with only brief pauses in between.

While camping tonight I found an unexpected moment of solace… chillin’ in a hammock. For reals, taking a little time to just chill and relax while looking straight up at the sky while rocking back and forth feels exquisite. The boys are swimming with their cousins, there are a few family members near the campfire, and I’m just relaxing for a little bit. Ahh…

Life just seems more simple in a moment like this. Kind of funny, but one of my mentors has been telling me for weeks I should take some time to quiet my mind and think… this might just be the spot to do that, or at least the motivation to follow through on that advice in the near future.

Time to go back to looking up at the sky and listening to nature.


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