Day 1,006 – Thankful for Visiting All My Family In Just Over a Week, Watching a Storm Roll In, and Reading a Book In Bed

Yup, I’m thankful for a lot today. Sometimes I can find a theme to weave all the pieces together, but tonight’s not one of those times. Each was very cool in its own way and I wanted to pause to reflect on each.

This weekend was camping with all of Becky’s family, last weekend was hanging out with my family. In just over a week I was so fortunate to have spent time with my mom and StepBrad, my brother and Jennifer, all of my in laws, all four nieces and all seven of my nephews.with as busy as schedules can be at times my mind is blown to realize I was able to spend time with all twenty six of them in such a short periods of time! My heart is full of joy from all that time fighter with them recently.

On our way home from camping we packed up early to head out before a huge storm rolled in. As luck would have it the boys and I were able to watch the front go right over us, we then drove back through and ahead of hit, and then ran into it again. Dominic and I were in awes of the power and force of nature that was on display. Seeing that clear line between calm and storm and feeling the electricity of that tension is one of my favorite feelings in the natural world. I swear I could just feel the pressure building and then pop. So awesome!

After all that time with family coming out off the heals of Becky being out of town for a couple of weeks and it became very clear to me that I needed some chill time. Tonight I listened to that little voice in my head and at one point snuck into our bedroom, laid on top my bed, and started reading. Having a small dose of chill time was exactly what the doctor ordered to help me sleep and then be ready to jump back into a busy work week.

Ahh… and off to count some sheep 😴


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