Day 1,004 – Thankful for Scouting Memories that Flood My Brain at Scout Camp

Tonight we went to Camp Decorah to pick the boys up from their week of scouting adventures. I’m so thankful that I went along with. For a while I contemplated staying home to chill and take some time to myself. Little did I know that’s exactly what I was about to get at camp!

There’s a magic to going back to Scout camp that brings back so many awesome memories. Hearing stories of Dominic’s SPL leadership experiences filled me with pride, made me smile, and brought back memories of leading in that role. Watching the boys assemble for the lowering of the flags reminded me of so many nights at Camp Tesomas. The fire bowl made me think back to several specific moments still burned into my brain from camps – especially my first campfire. Funny how even over 30 years ago I remember the camp director talking about watching the sparks from the fire ride into the sky and comparing them to our scouting careers and lives.

As I blog we’re waiting in line at Dairy Queen and I’m still bombarded with old memories of scouting… for one reason or another o had to leave camp a little early one year and my dad came to pick me up. We drove home and I still remember talking excitedly about all of my camp experiences most of the way home while he smiled. Tonight I’m doing the same from the other vantage point and I’m wearing a smile.


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