Day 1,003 – Thankful for a Delicious Home Cooked Meal for Becky from Lynn Bartsch

Between work and life this has been a crazy busy week… which is actually kind of wild as the boys have been gone all week! I can only imagine the chaos had they been home this whole time 😁

When I got home from work I was feeling pretty tired and just wanted to relax. Thanks to Becky’s coworker and friend, Lynn Bartsch, we were able to do just that. Instead of either of us having to cook dinner we ate an awesome dish of paella home cooked by Lynn. OMG, it was so tasty and totally hit the spot after a long day..

How cool is it that he took so much time prepping a meal for Becky and I? My mind is still blown by his action, the focus he put into its appearance, and just how tasty it was. As I type this I’m smiling as I’m completely full and going into a full on food coma…

Lynn, thank you so much for the extraordinary meal, it was greatly appreciated!!!


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