Day 1,000 – Thankful for Spending My 1,000 Night of Being 40 with Becky

Funny how there’s a mystique to certain numbers isn’t it? For the past month or so I’ve had today in the back of my brain and have been thinking about what I should be thankful for today. I’ve had ideas of being super deep and philosophical, thought about some type of a countdown of my favorite memories and/or posts from the past 999 days, and even pondered something humorous. The funny thing is that in doing that I was totally missing the entire concept of why I blog daily about something I’m thankful for.

Even throughout the night and day I was way overthinking today’s post. At least today I was tying in concepts from experiences, interactions, and thoughts from today. In putting that much thought into it over the course of the day there were so many things I was thankful for that could’ve otherwise been missed. Alas, I couldn’t quite nail down what the right thing was.

About thirty minutes ago it hit me right between the eyes and I literally chuckled to myself. It was the perfect post for today.

Tonight hasn’t gone anything as planned, but I’ve gotten to spend it with Becky. Who cares the situation, any night that I’m able to spend with her is one in which I’m thankful. In spending time with her tonight I’m spending time with my best friend. Why over think something so simple? I’m thankful for the most precious gift in the entire world, time with a loved one. How awesome is that?

Thank you to everyone in my life that I’ve spent time with in the past 1,000 days since I turned 40, I appreciate you all greatly!!!


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