Day 999 – Thankful for Awesome Surprise Hosting by Jennifer and Nick

When I wrote about Plan B yesterday I was focused on being in the moment with family. We had so much fun spending time together, chilling, and shooting the bull.  As we drove home this morning I realized that there was something else related to this weekend (okay, one of many things, but one that I’ll write about tonight).

As we realized the plans for the weekend we had kind of put in place were starting to unravel we went with Plan B.  Nowhere in the original plan for this weekend was the idea of staying at Nick & Jenn’s house.  As luck would have it, that’s where we all ended up.

With very short notice they were incredible hosts, taking care of everything from meals and drinks to sleeping arrangements.  Making room to have six additional guests is not easy work, but they were both completely chill and unstressed the entire time.  It was incredible!  Each time we’ve gone to their house to visit they always take great care of everyone, but this time was even more impressive to me because it was such a spur of the moment thing.


Nick & Jenn, thanks for taking great care of all of us this weekend, we really appreciate it!  We’re grateful for all of the memories you helped us create this weekend, especially on short notice!


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