So this weekend was supposed to go in a slightly different direction involving a Brewers game and a stay in Milwaukee. Due to some challengers we opted to go with a pretty sweet Plan B. The whole plan was to spend time with our family, Nick’s family, and Mom & Brad. We may have changed plans, but it was still mission accomplished!

Instead of Milwaukee we met up in DePere and had a great time chillaxing at Nick & Jenn’s. After a while we hit the Packers Hale of Fame and saw Uncle Frank’s screen. From there we hit the park outside the stadium and played a little 500 on a full sized football field in the shadow of Lambeau which was pretty epic! Afterwards we caught a semipro soccer game and chilled.

When we first planned this weekend we had a very different set of details in mind, but this Plan B still delivered exactly what we were hoping for, some excellent family time.

Funny how thing don’t always work out as planned, but if you are willing to be flexible you are still able to find what you wanted. It’s like a great philosopher once said, “you can’t always get what you want, if you try sometimes you’ll find you get what you need.” šŸ˜‰ Today I’m very thankful for a pretty awesome Plan B that still provided the family time i was hoping for.


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