Day 1,001 – Thankful for Insanely Awesome Customer Service From Pac-n-Mail

There were almost several different topics today; getting to know a teammate better, laser like focus, rolling up the sleeves, and a handful of others. While I’m still very thankful for each of those things I’ve just got to blog about something that happened late in the work day that still blows my mind.

We had something that had to be shipped out quickly from Eau Claire and after getting an initial quote my jaw dropped at the price. A friend totally stepped up and not only saved us a ton of cash, but they drove all the way up from Winona TODAY to help us out. How wild is that? Making a drive like that to help us out in a pinch! As soon as Ryan pulled up to the office he was smiling from ear to ear and was happy to help. Within a matter of minutes it was loaded up and on its way.

For reals, I was expecting it to cost a lot more, Be a pain in the butt, and just barely make the deadline. Instead I found someone willing to go way above and beyond the call of duty to help us out. If you need to send or ship anything please be sure to give Ryan and the Pac-n-Mail Express team a call – they are amazing!!!

Ryan, thank you so much for the help today!!!


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