Day 995 – Thankful for a Simple Quote that Reminded Me to Breathe

“If you would be a river you must be a reservoir.” ~ Father Mark Pierce

While Father Mark meant this in a more spiritual sense, this quote hit me differently today.  If I don’t take time to properly take care of myself I am unable to be the version of me that I feel I should be.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been going 100 miles per hour seemingly nonstop.  This has resulted in running myself down, losing good habits, and adding bad habits (have I ever mentioned how much I like to stress eat?).  In the pursuit of working on being who I should be I think I’ve overdone it a bit and need to pump the brakes a little.  It’s nothing too crazy or anything, it’s like a couple of years ago when I was thankful for feeling the wall with my hand before I crashed into it headfirst.  This reminder has been popping into my head every so often as I wrestle with my daily choices.

This evening as I just felt lethargic and run down that quote from Father Mark popped into my head.  It helped me remember to slow down (I can even hear my dad’s voice in my ear, “slow down Mikey!”).  Tonight I am listening to this advice and going to bed early.    The plan was to do some stuff with the boys, get some work done, and a few other random things, but instead I am heading to bed.  As soon as I’m done typing it’s pajama time, and off to hit the hay.  My alarm is already set for an early morning workout – after 8-ish hours of sleep.


Time to work on filling the reservoir back up!  Tonight it’s sleep.  Tomorrow it’s exercise and sleep.  Friday will be exercise, sleep, and watching my food intake.  All simple steps I can take to fill myself back up so I can truly pour myself back into being who I should be.


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