Sometimes I hear comments like “you must always be happy” or “you never have a bad day.” When I hear them I laugh and think about times like last night. For a variety of reasons I was in a pretty rough mood. I was downright ornery. Nobody’s fault for any of it other than mine, I was in a flat out pissy kind of mood.

This morning I realized how foolish that was and fired up some music while I was in the shower. A couple of songs in particular hit me right between the eyes and I decided to pull my head out of my butt and myself out of my funk. I knew what I had to do to get back into a good mood and I decided to do it. When I apologized to Gavin this morning for being crabby he smiled and said, “yeah you were!” I’m glad he forgave me!

Funny how I can allow myself to get in a bad mood and either let myself wallow in my made up misery or I can decide to flip the switch and pull myself of the funk. There’s always a choice, I need to remember that more quickly next time!

We had a blast terry awesome surprise tonight, tickets for the boys and I to head to the Loggers game! After my mood last night this was exactly what the doctor ordered. It’s funny how life works sometimes, I was thinking about taking them to a Loggers game this week but hadn’t taken any action on doing it. Out of the blue I got a call from Adam & Jessie Glahn and suddenly we had tickets! I guess it was meant to be 😁

The weather is perfect, the food fantastic, and we’re having an excellent time. Gavin even happened to get his hands on a ball! What a perfect night of baseball – thanks again Glahners!!!


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