Day 993 – Thankful for Retiring a Pair of Hiking Shoes

Yesterday was the last hike I’ll ever make in these shoes.  I know, it probably sounds kind of crazy, but I’m very much attached to these shoe.  To most anyone else they are an ugly, beat up, ripped, dirty, smelly, and goofy looking pair of hiking shoes, but to me they are so much more.  When gaze fondly upon these shoes I have awesome memory after awesome memory of moments that these particular shoes have been with me for.


When I look at these shoes I remember:

  • Hiking up Grandad’s Bluff before 5am and walking past deer sleeping the side of the road and the company of my friends
  • A road trip and a couple of long hikes with some friends in Colorado
  • Hiking through Joshua Tree National Park with my family
  • A random conversation at a Trader Joes in San Francisco that results din Becky and I seeing a crazy waterfall that drops right into the ocean
  • Hiking through the Ancient Grove in Olympic National Park and having a conversation with my dad
  • Another long road trip to Colorado to take Dominic out to accomplish a dream – summiting a mountain (Mount Sopris)
  • Taking the boys on a hike up approximately 1.7 million stairs to a beautiful watch tower in New Zealand
  • A jungle hike in Grand Cayman with friends
  • Taking in the incredible view and feeling of history of Mayan ruins in Belize
  • Touring around Isle Royale, my fortress of solitude
  • Hiking to the top of a glacier in Alaska with my family
  • Cruising through the lava fields in Hawaii with my family
  • And so many hikes with my family in the bluffs near our house

One simple pair of shoes, so many memories they created with me!  Funny how those shoes were with me for so many mind-blowing moments.  When I think about it when I’d lace them up there was always a smile ahead.  I’d bet that if I looked back at my heart rate and stress levels during that time my heart was racing with excitement and my shoulders were totally relaxed every single time I put them on.  My body and subconscious just knew that adventure lie ahead when they were on my feet.  How awesome is that?

Sleep well in the big shoebox in the sky!


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