Day 996 – Thankful for a Great Night of Sleep, a Glorious Start to the Day, Courtney Playing Uber Driver, and for Becky Coming Home Soon

In its totality it’s been a very good day and it really started last night. Just like I said I would my bed was my destination right after blogging. My eyes were closed before my head even hit the pillow. Almost eight hours later I woke up feeling very well rested. It felt amazing!!! I just might have to do it again tonight.

Today I really don’t think I need to say much about the sunrise I saw, the picture pretty much speaks for itself!

Hugely thankful for the help of our friend Courtney this week! With Gavin having Camp Invention, Becky being out of town and me working I am so grateful for Courtney’s willingness to pick Gavin up each day. The monster cookies she also made were dee-lish!!! Thanks Courtney!!!

I am super thankful Becky is coming home tomorrow. Sure, having a second parent in the house will be awesome too, but I am finding myself really missing her now that she’s been gone the better part of two weeks. I am pumped to spend some time with her tomorrow night and this weekend!


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