Day 990 – Thankful for Enjoying Nature Early In the Morning

The day started off with many reminders of why I so enjoy being out in nature.


When I was out running / walking with the dogs this morning it was before anyone else was up and moving on the quiet road we usually run on.  The only sounds were those of birds in the wild and the occasional crunching of small mammals in the brush.  At one point I caught myself stopped in the road just listening to the sound of a woodpecker drilling into a somewhat hollow and rotten tree.  I was totally lost in listening to the repetition of its pounding.  It was so peaceful!

Later in the morning as I drove north I kept taking in the scenic views of the natural world around me.  At one point I saw something that I haven’t seen for a very long time…  a skunk running (more bounding and pouncing ) playfully across a field.

Throughout the day my thoughts returned to the memories of enjoying nature in the morning.  There was a calm about me all day long from taking that time to appreciate the wild surrounding me and I’m thankful for it.



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