Day 991 – Thankful for Family Fun and Deep Conversations with Gavin

This is going to be a short one so I can keep enjoying one of the things I’m grateful for today… family fun! My niece Sela had her graduation party today and it’s been great spending time with family and reconnecting. It’s so awesome to spend time talking with family and that’s what I’ll be diving right back into after typing.

Earlier in the day I went for a run and talked Gavin into rollerblading alongside of me. We had a great time talking about many random things while got a great workout in.

After a while I turned on The Nights by Avicii which led Gavin to ask a pretty profound question. Next thing I knew we were having a conversation on the importance of living while we’re alive. This took us down paths including why we travel, why we should appreciate each moment we’re blessed to have, and how can we more truly savor those moments. It was an incredible discussion that I’m hoping will stick with him for quite some time.

I still remember having a similar conversation with Dominic back in the day. It’s one of those moments that I hold deep in my heart as it leaves me feeling like I’ve been able to help impart something that is a core value of mine that they will keep in their life as well. So much fun talking with the boys about life like that!

Back to the family fun! 😁


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