Day 989 – Thankful for a Story That Lives On for Another Generation – “Don’t Throw Your Keys”

My Grandma Lamping was the BEST!!!  There are so many reasons I am thankful for her that over time I’ll probably cover the tip of the iceberg of her awesomeness.  When Gavin and I were walking from the house to the garage he said something that left me literally laughing out loud…

“Hey Dad, throw me the keys!”

Ever since I can remember I have memories of my Grandma Lamping sharing the story of why we should not throw our keys.  Many of the details are still foggy so if someone else can help jump in and clear them up I’m all ears.  What I remember is hearing about someone once throwing the keys to someone else (I think they were thrown to Grandma?) and the keys then impaled the hand of the person catching them.


As a kid I used to laugh so hard at that story and, of course, I would giggle as I would antagonize Grandma every opportunity I had when keys were nearby and possibly exchanging hands.  Just like clockwork I’d hear, “Michael!” and it would be followed by a re-telling of the story and I’d giggle even louder.

Tonight I did my part to help keep this story living on for future generations… Just like I already have many times with both of the boys.  Each time I can hear her say “Michael” in my ear and I smile even bigger.  It’s one of many awesome little moments in life that remind me of her – and I’m thankful for each of them!


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