Throughout the day I caught my thoughts drifting away form the task at hand.  They’d almost always go somewhere sad at first but they’d quickly be swept up and whisked away by a wonderful memory.  The sadness which never really had the opportunity to settle in was carried off so quickly by the smile that followed the remembering of an awesome moment.

All day long I’ve been so thankful to have had so many incredible memories with my dad.  Each of them has lifted me up and filled my heart.  As Gavin and I chill and call it a night it’s been music to my soul to go through some old pics of Dad.

IMG_1957IMG_9388Grandpa Pete and Baseball 2010 10Grandpa Pete Summer 2010 252009 Pete Christmas 33At Grandpa's 4IMG_1241

Dude, I miss you so much it makes my heart hurt, but I’m so thankful for all of the memories we made that fill my heart back up with joy.  Thank you so much for creating so many incredible memories!  Love you tons Dude!!!


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