Day 987 – Thankful for Pedaling & Singing On the River with Gavin

When I was a kid my mom would go out of her way to help create memories for us.

A perfect example was the summer night we laid out on the road in front of our house and watched a meteor shower (don’t worry there were exactly zero cars on our country road between the hours of 7pm and 6am).  I’ll forever hold that moment in my heart as a time in which my imagination ran wild, my wonder in science and nature skyrocketed, and the joy in my heart soared for spending time with my mom.

While my mom found ways to help create those moments my dad sometimes just stumbled us into them.  By way of example there’s a specific cold late fall morning when I went trapping with my dad.  We went out on the canoe as the steam slowly rose off the completely still water.  There was no talking, just a perfect silence as we paddled, both of us slowing our paddle strokes to be a part of the stillness around us.

Those are just two examples of so many I have with my parents in nature.  There are so many wonderful memories I have of time with them as a kid and an adult.  They are so precious to me and I’m thankful for each of them.

Tonight I may have stumbled into one of them Gavin somewhat on purpose.  With it being just the two of us tonight I wanted to find a way for us to have a little extra fun so I found that we could rental a pedal boat or a pedal-toon nearby our house.  Gavin and I headed out for what we thought would be a bit of fun for an hour or so.

What we instead found was some incredible father and son time.  At some point we decided to play some music and before we knew it we were singing along to The Strubellas in the middle of the river.  We were singing, shooting the bull, and talking about everything from life to jokes.  It was incredible and perfect for today.  While I don’t know for sure that he’ll remember this moment like I do there’s one thing for sure…  I will remember it forever as one of my favorite times with him.


I’m so thankful singing and pedaling on the river this Gavin today, that was exactly what my heart needed.


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