Day 986 – Thankful for Re-Living Old Memories, Major League 2

Earlier today I had a blog brewing in my head.  It was pretty deep, but I think I’m going to table that one for a day or two.  As the night has gone on with I’m pretty sure it’s more appropriate to go in the right direction…  hanging out with Gavin re-living some childhood memories.

After a perfectly healthy meal of homemade nachos and a roller blading trip around the block Gavin and I decided to park it on the couch to watch Major League 2.  A couple of nights ago I fired up Major League for the boys and they enjoyed it so much that Gavin was practically begging to watch the sequel.  Even with my warnings of how much worse the second movie was Gavin really wanted to fire it up.

Major League 2

Expecting a disappointment I figured I’d get some time to chill and possibly fall asleep early.  Imagine my surprise as Gavin and I have been sitting here laughing our butts off watching this old movie.  To be clear, it is terrible, but it’s bringing back so many old memories of when I’d watched this way back in the day.  Sitting here to watch it with Gavin has been awesome – I’m hoping he remembers watching this crappy movie down the road when he can share a few laughs with his boys sometime in the future!


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