Day 934 – Thankful for the Beginnings of Something Awesome

Life is pretty amazing when I can start to see the pieces come together. After lots of work and focus I can see the beginnings of something pretty awesome.

Today I was reminded of how motivating and moving it is to see progress. It’s been a day with so many little moments that can be woven together into one of the most rewarding work days I’ve had in a long time. Moments of growth. Moments of team building. Moments of sharing monumental life milestones. Moments of passion for our shared vision. Moments in which our vision has never seemed quite so clear and attainable. So many wonderful moments in one day, so many examples of the beginnings of something truly awesome.

Days like today leave me so pumped, recharged, motivated and inspired. I’m so thankful for my teammates, they push me to be the best possible version of me as we bust our butts towards one common goal. We’ve got something truly awesome started and I’m so excited for the journey ahead!


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