Due to wet fields Gavin’s soccer practice was moved indoors and changed to a later time. Becky was headed to church so I figured it’d be a great time for Dominic and I to do something Gavin and I usually do when Dominic has church on Wednesday’s… head out for coffee while we wait. Dominic likes the idea so off the three of us went across town on our 20 minute drive.

As we pulled in to the location Gavin said “uh oh…”. That was followed by, “I forgot it was an indoor practice.” Without looking back I already knew the issue. Gavin quickly affirmed my fear, he wore his cleats and didn’t have tennis shoes for playing inside. I took several deep breaths, saw red, and maybe blacked out for a moment šŸ˜‰. Knowing he couldn’t practice with them I told him we’d have to head home. Dominic then stepped up and saved the day and offered up his shoes for Gavin to use. Even though they’re about four sizes too big Gavin strapped them on and went to practice.

With no shoes we quickly realized it’d be tough to find a coffee shop to hang out at. Dominic and I decided to drive around and ended up heading up Grandad Bluff. While driving we shot the bull, talked movies, and enjoyed some great music. On the bluff we took in the scenic views of the beautiful sunset. The way back to pick up Gavin was more of the same and may have included a quick Dairy Queen run.

Once Gavin was in the car we went right back to playing loud music, dancing, singing, and just having a blast. It was awesome!!! I don’t think I’ll ever forget the three of us grooving to Cake by Flo Rida.

Earlier this evening I was in a bit of a funk. I feel like I’ve been going nonstop and was feeling wore out. After hanging out with Dominic my attitude was right back where it was supposed to be.

Thanks for making my night awesome bud, I had a blast with you! Love you dude!!!


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