Day 932 – Thankful for a Surprising Dose of Vacation, Relaxation, and Gritty Awesomeness

When I checked into my hotel this evening the TV was turned on to the Marriott’s BonVoy station.  Usually I quickly turn off the TV or at the very least change the channel for background noise.  As I walked toward the TV I heard a phrase with beautiful background music floating in the background.  In glancing up I caught a view of an incredible underwater cave in the middle of a jungle.  Within seconds I was kind of hooked.  Instead of turning the TV off I turned it up as I unpacked my things.

After a brief commercial that was more of a reminder to enjoy experiences a short video started about an Olympic distance runner traveling to Greece to train and learn more about her roots.  The video chronicled her hard work, her travels into a beautiful country that’s on my bucket list, the importance of dreams and identity, and shared her views on the benefits of travel.  The views of the Greek landscapes were mind blowingly beautiful.  It was amazing!  Within moments I was more motivated for my morning run and focusing on working harder to reach my dreams.  You can check it out at

What an incredible surprise dose of vacation, relaxation, and gritty awesomeness from such an unlikely source.  I’m continually amazed at the messages and reminders the world has for all of us when we take a moment to pause and listen.  In a week that’s been a complete blur of activity I’m so thankful I paused for a moment before shutting off the TV this evening.


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