Day 931 – Thankful for Walking Barefoot on the Soccer Fields and Leftovers

Gavin’s first soccer practice of the spring season was tonight.  Amongst my favorite moments of the night was kicking off my sandals and proceeding to walk barefoot in the grass.  Yup, I’m kind of strange that way, but walking barefoot feels fantastic, especially on a soccer field.  It’s kind of my way of getting into the spring season.  Look out soccer fields everywhere, there’s about to be a lot of bare feet when I’m around!


And no, this picture wasn’t from the soccer fields.  It was just the first barefoot picture I found.

Dominic had his first track meet tonight also so Becky and I divided and conquered.  As the parent rep for Gavin’s soccer team I had to be there while Becky headed out to Westby for Dominic’s track event.  With all the running around and heading in different directions I was thankful for one of my favorite meals on a night like this…


For reals, one of my least favorite meals as a kid is now one of my personal favs.  It involves great food, very little cooking, and very little clean up.  When else is it acceptable to mix up what ever crazy combos of past meals into one tasty dish?  As our Spring gets more and more busy I’ll be pretty pumped for this dinner time staple.


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