Day 935 – Thankful for an Incredibly Full Weekend In About 24 Hours

Holy cow has it been an awesome weekend already! Here I am, just over 24 hours into it and it’s already been a very full weekend… and I have another day!!!

Last night we spent time at my Mom & StepBrad’s house. It was a perfectly chill evening, nothing crazy, just hanging out and spending time with each other. This morning after my shower we were able to do more of the same over a couple of cups of coffee before we headed out to the next event.

While driving Becky and I had time to talk and relax. With as busy as our family’s schedule has been lately it felt wonderful to just chill while driving and talk about everything from work to savings to vacations.

The majority of the day today was spent at Action City in Eau Claire with Becky’s side of the family. It was an opportunity for all of us to spend time together while letting the cousins make some fun memories together. The even also provided the opportunity to bounce around in a trampoline park, play dodgeball on the trampolines and have fun in the ninja warrior obstacle course.

While doing that I had time with both of the boys individually for boys and pieces. Dominic taught me how to do a front flip… “Dad, it’s 80% in your head, 20% physical. Just go for it and trust yourself. You’ll do great, you can do this.” Talk about words to live by! Gavin and I just bounced all over the place and have fun.

We headed outside after a while and Tanner and I did the huge zip line and joked around the whole time. We had time just talking with family and relaxing over pizza as the kids played. Becky and I even had time to sneak out for a quick game of mini golf with just the two of us!

To wrap it up we changed and hit the water park as well. At that point I was already starting to feel pretty spent so most of the time was spent on the lazy river and in the hot tub.

On the drive home we enjoyed the beautiful scenery and chillaxed while talking. We got my car from WInona and I had some more chill time listening to music while Gavin read.

Once home we quickly unpacked, threw in a movie, and got some work done while sitting on the couch. Now my blog and then off to bed before jumping into another full day tomorrow.

It’s been pretty wild, so much in such a short period of time. I am so thankful to have been able to stuff pretty much a full weekend into just one day.


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