Day 928 – Thankful for Incremental Growth and Many Thoughts of Dad

If you’d have asked me two months ago if I’d been asked if I could run 11 miles without extreme pain my answer would have been no.  After six weeks of training with incremental growth I can now say yes.  Each week our long run increases by one mile.  It doesn’t seem like a lot, it is not overly daunting, and yet it grows us towards our goal.  As I think about it this is a great lesson to remember when pursuing a goal.  I often attempt to take on too much, but one bite at a time makes much more sense for sustainable growth.  Today was a reminder to take one step at a time (literally!).


Throughout the day there was a smile on my face.  Often my thoughts were pulled in the direction of my dad.  From fixing furniture to using his old Leatherman to seeing some of the rocks from his land there were so many little reminders of him.  While helping Dominic there were a couple of times when I heard Dad’s voice come out of my mouth.  It was also easy to hear Dad laughing in my ear in another one of those “Just you wait Mikey,” moments as I struggled with the blinds.

There were two moments that really got me.  The first was from a text I received from a friend today.  She’d taken her husband, his dad and his dad’s brother to the Twins game today.  In the text was a picture of the three guys all smiling big and said, “Like three kids in a candy store!”  That moment reminded me of times at Brewers games with my dad and my brother and the all fun we had.

The other moment was a classic “Pete” move.  The boys and I were walking into Menards when we saw a 50yo couple walking out of the store with a moving dolly.  Without pausing I walked up to the couple, smiled, and said, “You know, I’m pretty sure that it’s against the law to walk out of a store with a dolly and not use it to give someone a ride…” The couple stopped in their tracks and had a confused look for a second.  Then they looked at each other and smiles stretched across both their faces.  “You’re right!”  Next thing we knew the wife was on the dolly and her husband was first walking, then running, while pushing her.  Their laughter was loud and the smiles from everyone else nearby were priceless.  All I did was exactly what dad would have done and I could feel his arm around my shoulders as he laughed with joy at the fun the couple was having right along with me.

It’s closing in on two years he’s been gone and yet he’s still often nearby.  I am so thankful for that.


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