Day 929 – Thankful for the Boys Stepping Up Today and Time for Them to Create

With Becky down and out today the boys jumped right in and were a tremendous help to me throughout the day.  They volunteered to run errands with me this morning, including grocery shopping.  They both helped in making lunch and cleaning up afterwards.  At no point was there ever complaining or whining, they both jumped right in.  Not only that, but we had a lot of fun with the three of us.  We were incessantly joking around and creating fun around us as we checked everything off of our list.

IMG_0334 2.jpg

With getting everything done as quickly as we were able to there was also extra time for some creation.

A while back Dominic started playing keyboard on his iPhone and thought it’d be fun to try a larger keyboard.  We hopped on Craigslist, found one for sale, and Dominic bought it himself.  All afternoon he’s been playing away making music.  It’s incredible to me, he’s playing songs he’s heard by memory, not reading off of sheet music.  He finds the right starting note and then just goes by his memory of the song and has been playing away.  It’s been awesome hearing him create music and quickly picking up which song he’s figuring out.

Gavin and I headed up to the workshop to put the final touches on his “Kiwi Closet.”  Today we got the doors on and installed the lock.  Additionally, he learned to fill in the finish screw holes with putty.  It’s been pretty rewarding to see just how pumped up he is about his creation.

Time for some family game time!


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