Day 927 – Thankful for Couch Time On a Friday Night and an Old Pic of Dominic and I

After doing my best to pack a full week of life into a short week back from vacation I was pretty pumped to have a night on the couch.  Dominic, Becky, and I all chilled and threw on a movie that I’m a huge fan of – Odd Thomas.  Between the movie, tasty popcorn, and couch time with the majority of the family it was the paradise I was looking for.

Spending time with Dominic also had me thinking about the picture I saw pop up in my memories a couple of days ago.  Imagine my surprise when one day an email pops into my inbox with this picture as the main topic…

Dominic 5k

I still clearly remember how much fun the two of us had on that 5k.  If we were to do that today I wouldn’t even have a chance of hanging this close to him when he’d be this close to the finish line!

Whether we’re on the couch, in the workshop (sneak preview of our plans tomorrow), or running together I always appreciate time with Dominic.  He’ll be a high schooler next year, I’ve got to keep soaking this time up with him while I can.  Pictures like this remind me of how fast time flies and of how many great memories we already have together.


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