Day 916 – Thankful for One Simple Thing that Changes the Topic of My Blog – Father, Son, Son Time

Throughout the day I had no less than half a dozen blogs for today mentally started.  First I was thankful for working the kinks out in our morning run because I finally loosened up by the end.  Then I was thankful for a peaceful ride up the Mississippi River and I was also thankful for the reminders of the raw power of Mother Nature.  I was thankful for filling in while someone is out to remember what it’s like to go through a challenge.  Later I was thankful for the opportunity to jump in and take action and set the tone.  Intermingled was gratitude for lessons from the 30,000′ view.  In working through something I was thankful for the opportunity to learn from a challenge.  I was thankful for the return of a great friend and teammate.  In the afternoon I was thankful for Becky having a great day at work.  There were times I was thankful for others stepping up, a clear vision, and the opportunity to serve others.  On my way home I was thankful for a conversation with my brother and great music.  I appreciated the opportunity to cook and grill one of my favorite dinners.  I was thankful for a family dinner together.  Heck, at one point I was even thankful for being thankful for someone else’s gratitude!  For reals, that one made me smile huge!

So why is today’s blog not about any of these things (although it kind of is…  see what I did there?  Wink, wink)?  There was a moment as we were wrapping up supper that filled my heart with joy…

“Hey Dad, want to come outside and play catch for a little father son son time?”

Yes… that sounds perfect.

We went outside together, and it was perfect.



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