Day 915 – Thankful for Board Games with Friends

Today was an opportunity to step out of real life for a bit and just chill with friends.  A handful of my buddies and I headed up to the workshop for a day of gaming.  As luck would have it almost all of us were available to hang out at the same time – something that hasn’t happened often recently.


It was great!  No agenda, no plan, only us hanging out, shooting the bull, laughing often, and playing games.  How can you go wrong with that?  With a cooler full of soda, a never ending stream of frozen pizza, and more games than we could ever hope to play in a week we just hunkered down and had fun.

With as busy as we all are it’s wonderful to hit pause and spend time having fun while catching up.  At some point when our kids all get older I’m sure this will be a more regular occurrence, but for now these times are pretty rare and always appreciated.

Special thanks to Becky for keeping up with unerring the boys around while I hung out!



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